Jon Ossoff hires 1000’s of younger black Georgians to mobilize and finish the vote

Jon Ossoff has hired 2,000 young black Georgians in each country to mobilize and cast the vote for the Senate runoff election.

According to The Atlanta Voice:

Essentially, the Ossoff campaign hired 2,000 mostly black Georgians to mobilize their communities to vote. Ossoff believes the United States’ trajectory will change forever if the black Georgians are found out on January 5, 2021.

The mission of the mobilizers is to use their networks and contacts to increase the number of voters, especially among young black Georgians. According to their plan, organizers need to speak to their networks about the importance of the vote and explain how Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock will fight for them in real and relevant ways in the U.S. Senate. For example, Jon’s call for a $ 15 minimum wage, a new civil rights law, a new voting rights law, affordable health care, COVID relief, and other guidelines they know are important to their circles and families.

Ossoff’s organizers build engagement and reach voters who have not voted before:

Those 2,000 young Georgians, who had mostly not worked on political campaigns before, have now added 80,000 of their friends and family members to our network, and we are seeing their participation rates skyrocket.

– Miryam Lipper (@MiryamLipper) January 1, 2021

Stacey Abrams built a formidable election campaign in Georgia, and that effort is augmented by the campaigns of Ossoff and Warnock. It is not yet clear whether Georgia will be a purple or follow Virginia and become a blue state, but the Democrats are laying a foundation to compete in Georgia’s current and future elections.

Jon Ossoff is doing everything right and the nation will find out if it pays off in victory in four days.

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