“You need to cease” Take a look at Geraldo Rivera and Charlie Kirk Spar on Fox Information for Trump’s marketing campaign

Republicans were divided over Donald Trump’s campaign. While there are many in the GOP who urge the president to keep fighting, there are others who want him to accept reality.

Geraldo Rivera and Charlie Kirk certainly fall into different camps. The two appeared on Martha MacCallum’s Fox News Show Monday night. When Kirk, the founder of Turning Point USA, introduced conspiracy theories, Rivera immediately told him, “You have to stop this.”

After playing a clip of Biden’s Monday speech, Kirk scolded, “Between 75 and 80 percent of Americans believe this, believe the election was stolen. If you immediately reject all of your claims … If all of a sudden you pretend there is no motivated effort to destroy Donald Trump at any cost … If you suppress this conversation, it is not healthy for the country. “

Rivera responded to the conspiracy theory by saying, “We have been negotiating this for 6 weeks for 6 weeks. The United States Supreme Court has denied this twice. 9-0, including all three Trump judges. “

Watch Geraldo Rivera and Charlie Kirk argue over the election results on Fox News. pic.twitter.com/Yk1VpeFgGd

– PoliticusUSA (@politicususa) December 15, 2020

“That’s not right,” replied Kirk. But Rivera continued, “You have to stop this.”

Despite being friends with the president, Rivera has been asking him to resign for weeks. And on a recent Fox News program, he followed up on Rush Limbaugh for calling for the split. “I think to speak of secession is treason, ”he said.

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