Two off-duty Virginia law enforcement officials have been tried in federal court docket

Roommates arrests continue after the riot that took place at the US Capitol last week. In a press release, the FBI released information that two off duty police officers from Rocky Mount, Virginia, were indicted yesterday in federal court in the District of Columbia. Officers Jacob Fracker and Thomas Robertson were charged with complaints relating to a number of knowingly entering or staying in a restricted building or premises without legal authority and a number of violent and disorderly behavior on the part of the Capitol.

Both men were arrested in Virginia today. The report alleged Jacob and Thomas were trapped on camera and made an obscene gesture in front of John Stark’s statue. Social media has helped authorities identify rioters, and if you suspected Thomas was caught talking on social media, you guessed it.

On social media, he shared, “CNN and the Left are just crazy because we actually attacked the government, which is the problem, and not a random small business … The rights IN ONE DAY are owned by the f ***** US Capitol accepted. Keep nudging us. “

Jacob also left comments on Facebook. In a deleted post, he commented, “Lol to anyone who may be concerned about the picture of me … sorry for hating freedom? … Not as if I did anything illegal … you do what you think is necessary. “

The US Attorney’s Office is currently pursuing the District of Columbia cases and the Counter Terrorism Division of the DOJ’s National Security Division. You can get assistance from the US Attorney’s Office for the Western District of Virginia. The cases are still under investigation by the FBI’s Washington Field Office and the United States Capitol Police.

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