Donald Trump is the stiff lawyer Rudy Giuliani for authorized charges

Donald Trump had high hopes for this election season. He believed, of course, deep down that he would defeat Joe Biden. And even if he didn’t, he’d put together a crack team of lawyers who could help him win.

And Trump had some formidable law firms ready to represent him after the election. The problem, however, was that Trump lost the election many times over. And when the bad press came in, the respected legal teams started walking away.

So Trump stayed behind with his longtime ally and friend Rudy Giuliani along with conspiracy theorists such as Sidney Powell, Jenna Ellis and Joe DeGenova. The legal team of the “Elite Strike Force” had their watches cleaned regularly in court.

And the ringleader of the circus was Rudy Giuliani. From holding a press conference next to a sex shop to introducing witnesses who appeared to be drunk, the former New York mayor has been incessantly causing embarrassment.

The humiliation of his loss is beginning to decline for Donald Trump. Not only will he be leaving the White House soon, his business empire will be destroyed and he is in legal danger in New York City. And he is certainly not happy with Giuliani.

According to a Washington Post report:

Trump has ordered aides not to pay Giuliani’s legal fees, two officials said, and has requested that he personally approve reimbursements for expenses Giuliani incurred on behalf of the president during his trip to view the election results in Questioning key states. They said Trump privately voiced concern about some of Giuliani’s moves and failed to appreciate Giuliani’s request for $ 20,000 per day fees for his work attempting to overturn the election. “

Giuliani has not yet commented on Trump’s non-payment.

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