Trump is mad at Mitch McConnell and would not converse to him

Trump hasn’t spoken to Mitch McConnell in almost a month after McConnell congratulated Biden on his election victory.

NBC News’ Geoff Bennett tweeted:

McConnell has not spoken to Trump since December 15, the day McConnell congratulated Biden on his election victory and recognized him as President-elect. McConnell expects not to speak to Trump again, sources say @LACaldwellDC and @carolelee.

– Geoff Bennett (@GeoffRBennett) January 11, 2021

Trump had apparently not spoken to his own vice president since the uprising, and has not spoken to the Senate majority leader in a long time, at whom he is pissed off for acknowledging that Joe Biden won the election.

The policy of responding to the personal whims and mood swings of a deeply unstable president will end in just over a week.

A president who doesn’t speak to his own vice president or any of the leaders of Congress is not the way the government is supposed to govern. Trump hasn’t spoken to Spokesman Pelosi in more than a year, and any of the congressional leaders will have better communication with Joe Biden than they have ever had with Trump.

One of the best things that can happen to the nation will be when Donald Trump leaves office, and hopefully never returns.

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