Beneath decks boss Rachel says she did not betray Captain Lee

cook Rachel Hargrove is already a legend on the lower deck.

From her delicious tasting menus to her explosive confessionals, Chef Rachel made her time at Bravo top-down a memorable one. Of course, we wouldn’t be sure if we didn’t mention Chef Rachel’s encounter with Captain Lee Rosbach via a detailed preference sheet.

For those who missed it, the yacht chef declared “Eat my cooter” and “Go f – k yourself” after Captain Lee presented the swanky demands of the next charter guests. She announced it the evening before the guests arrived.

After stressing out the captain and crew about finding a replacement, Rachel returned and grabbed one of the most impressive meals we had ever seen below deck.

During an exclusive chat with the Bravo star, we asked her if she had any regrets about her response to the preference sheet. At first, Chef Rachel gave us a simple “no”.

Then she added, “In retrospect, if you know the guests themselves, they are amazing. But the paper itself justified that reaction … I’ll own this.”

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