Trump has volcanic meltdown suggesting 1/6 impeachment impeachment

Trump accused every single prosecutor investigating him of conspiracy on his social media platform and posted memes urging Congress to drop its indictment.

Trump posted on Truth Social:

Do you think AG Garland and mad Jack Smith understand that we are in the midst of a major political campaign for President of the United States? Have you looked at the latest poll numbers? Why didn’t they make these ridiculous accusations years ago? Why have they waited to raise them NOW? A practically unknown scenario? PROSECUTOR’S MISCONDUCT! VOTE BREAKDOWN!

How many times can corrupt Joe Biden’s Department of Injustice, ALONG WITH THEIR LOCAL DEMOCRATIC DA’S & AG’S, IMPEACH HIS POLITICAL ADVERSARY DURING THE CAMPAIGN? DO YOU UNDERSTAND THE DAMAGE BEING GIVEN TO AMERICA? It’s only going to get worse. We must prevent these “monsters” from further destroying our country!

Trump then spent the night/morning posting various memes about how Congress must stop his impeachment and how he will overcome them.

The former president’s outburst is part of a well-known pattern. When a lawsuit is filed The first thing Trump tries to explain is claims of persecution, conspiracy, or both.

Even Donald Trump doesn’t seem to see any difference between him and the United States of America. For Trump, he is America. In his opinion, the country will be harmed if Trump is impeached.

No president is the United States of America. The presidency is a position within government, not the embodiment of the country. Presidents are not monarchs. The idea that Republicans are trying to consolidate government power within the president is fundamentally undemocratic, and it is his disdain for democracy that is fueling Trump’s anger over his legal woes.

Donald Trump doesn’t believe he should be held accountable, and that belief is the likely motive behind his alleged criminal activities and the reason he can’t believe any of it is happening.

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