Barbie Casting Director Reveals Stars Who Turned Down Ken Roles

Yes, there were some actors who naturally radiated that Ken energy.

Although Ryan Gosling, Simu Liu And Kingsley Ben Adir were among those who eventually made it as Ken dolls in Barbie Margot Robbie, Issa Rae In addition, the film’s casting directors revealed that there were several others who had to drop out because the cast had to shoot in London for three months.

And among the actors who almost settled in Barbieland was the “Saturday Night Live” star. Bowen YangSchitt’s Creek Alum Dan Levi and dear Evan Hansen actor Ben Platt.

“They were, I’m not kidding,” said the film’s casting director Allison Jones told Vanity Fair on July 20, “Really baffled they didn’t make it.”

And it wasn’t just Ken that the actors were keen to play, as was Allan (Ken’s sidekick) who was played by him Michael Cera) had his own roster of competitors, which included a Glee grad.

“Dear sweetheart Jonathan Groff was like, “I can’t believe I’m writing this,” Allison continued, “but I can’t Allan.”

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