Ted Cruz claims Biden’s vaccination mandate is a conspiracy

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) claimed the Biden vaccine mandate was a conspiracy to divert attention from Afghanistan.


Ted Cruz claims Biden’s vaccination mandate is a conspiracy to divert attention from Afghanistan. “The president is resisting the law because he wanted the press to defend him and stop talking about the disasters in Afghanistan.” pic.twitter.com/olGDtBBiq9

– Sarah Reese Jones (@PoliticusSarah) September 19, 2021

Cruz said on Fox News’ Sunday Morning Futures, “Yyou put your Finger on what the white house tries to do what they want change the subject of Afghanistan. That’s why Biden put this out completely illegal and unconstitutional vaccination mandate because he wanted to change that Theme from the disaster in Afghanistan, the vaccination mandate gets knocked down in Court, they know that, but they do President defies the law because he wanted the press Start defending him and stop talk about the disasters in Afghanistan and he enumerates a number of large companies, in particular force them Employees must comply before the Matter is always decided and before the command is canceled. “

Ted Cruz is wrong about the vaccination mandate

The vaccination mandate is not unconstitutional. The president has hundreds of years of legal precedents backing his order, so part of Cruz’s conspiracy theory doesn’t work.

Senator Cruz ignores the coronavirus killing people across the country to claim the mandate is a conspiracy theory to divert attention from Afghanistan.

As expected, media coverage of Afghanistan has faded. The vast majority of Americans support Biden’s position to end the war, no matter how chaotic the US exit was.

Ted Cruz has managed to combine two lost Republican problems into one conspiracy theory that will only address their grassroots.

Cruz is a political shapeshifter. So if you want to know which way the wind is blowing in the GOP, listen to Ted Cruz for five minutes.

The Weather Vane Ted tells us the Republican Party is headed to a whole new level of madness.

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