So quick Dreezy Says It is “Again On The Blacklist” For Her Ex-Jacquees Hours After The Two Danced Collectively (Video)

Dreezy told her ex-boyfriend Jacquees that it is

These new relationships are a journey, Chile! These whirlwind romances have celebrities who are baewatch targets one day and cautionary stories the next. There seems to be quite a bit of “double backing” going on as well, with Dreezy being the latest celebrity to be guilty of it after spending what seemed like a very fun night with her ex-jacquees.

Dreezy and Jacquees have been together for a number of years. At the height of their relationship, the couple appeared to have bought a house together, but as we go back further into the past, things got really ugly between the two when they decided to air each other on Twitter last fall.

At this point the couple seemed finished, but then Tuesday night happened.

Dreezy was caught on camera when the self-proclaimed king of R&B was feeling really good. The two were seen on video dancing and Dreezy gritted on her ex-husband.

Jacquees stared at his ex-Boo like she could do it all over again.

It seemed like their flame had been re-lit until Dreezy quickly stepped into the shadow room to let us know that the flame was blown out as fast as it was lit.

She purged the air and said, “Oh, that was cute while it took me back to the blacklist.”

I mean, Dreezy blocked Jacquees once, so we don’t think Sister is bluffing. Jacquees has not responded yet, but we’ll keep you updated.

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