“Saved by the Bell” star Dustin Diamond declares he has been identified with stage 4 most cancers

#Roommates, sadder news in early 2021 as it was recently confirmed that Dustin Diamond, the star of “Saved By The Bell,” who played the nerdy character “Screech”, has been diagnosed with cancer. Dustin’s representatives announced that the diagnosis is very serious as he is currently in Stage Four and undergoing chemotherapy.

Unfortunately, according to @EntertainmentWeekly, after widespread reports that he was recently hospitalized with an unknown illness, it was confirmed that Dustin Diamond, 44, had received a fourth-stage cancer diagnosis. He is currently in a Florida hospital undergoing chemotherapy.

A representative for Dustin told the media that he intends to make a formal statement regarding his health soon. However, the spokesman described the cancer as “serious”. While the tests continue, he will remain in the hospital and will be there “for a while”.

“He’s on chemotherapy, so he’ll be there for at least a week and then we’ll find out when he’ll be home,” said his spokesman. “By next week we will have a better understanding of the severity of his condition and the treatments he needs to be comfortable.”

He goes on to explain that Dustin Diamond is “fine” today, even though he was not doing so well when he was hospitalized. “He faded in and out and felt sleepy and tired. He also has shingles, so he was in great pain. “

We want to send our thoughts and prayers to his family.

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