Russell Simmons accuses ex Kimora Lee of fraud within the Bombshell lawsuit

The musician “Vacation’s Over” claims that it is not a question of “legitimate loans” but part of the program.

The lawsuit says Simmons tried to resolve this outside of the court and didn’t write a letter to Lee until May 5, 2021.

“As you know, during my decades of partnership with you, I have done everything I can to protect and promote our family,” he wrote to his ex, according to a court complaint. “I have never said no to a request and I am always against my own advice proceeded to offer much more than a judge would ever ask of me to keep the peace. “

He continued, “I have invited you to participate in many of my business opportunities, including introducing Celsius, which has been very lucrative for you. I am shocked and saddened to see your site change in response to my repeated attempts to find one got cautious consent from you to rightly and legally confirm my 50% of Celsius shares. “

The hip-hop artist wrote that the stocks were “locked up with the government after they were used on your husband’s bail money,” adding, “Incidentally, this was as part of an ILLEGAL transfer of my funds, which I KNOW ABOUT had the OF and would never have agreed. “

He requests a hearing by the jury.

Lee and Simmons share two daughters: Ming Lee Simmons, 21 and Aoki Lee Simmons18th

E! News has asked the three party’s lawyers for additional comments and has received no response.

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