Pelosi Slams Supreme Courtroom Cowards As Home Passes Girls’s Well being Safety Act

Speaker Pelosi slammed the cowards of the Supreme Court for the dark of night Texas abortion law decision, as the House passed the Women’s Health Protection Act.

Speaker Pelosi said:

What the Supreme Court did was cowardly – a cowardly, dark-of-night decision and to allow that bill to go into effect.  How could it be?  Because it was a decision.  The Court made a decision, but the Republicans in Congress and the then-President made a decision to, in a way that was almost shameful, make sure that so many Justices on the Court – I say shameful because the last one, which they railroaded through – while opposing the review of a Democratic president’s suggestion a few years earlier, saying they didn’t have enough time.  A year.  They had enough time – a month. 


We know that – I just want to say this about Roe.  In Roe, the Supreme Court held that the personal liberty is protected by the Constitution, which the Court had recognized as extending to decisions relating to marriage, procreation, contraception, family relations, child rearing.  And it’s broad enough to encompass a woman’s decision whether or not to terminate her pregnancy.  SB 8 is extreme: banning abortion for most women before they even know.  Sometimes I wonder if they don’t need a lesson in the birds and the bees. 

But again, I just want to go to this point.  SB 8 unleashes one of the most disturbing, unprecedented, far-reaching assaults on health care providers and on anyone who helps a woman in any way access an abortion, by creating a vigilante bounty system that will have a chilling effect on the provisions of any health care services.  And what’s next?  What’s next with these vigilantes and their bounty system?

The House Acted To Correct An Unpopular Supreme Court Decision.

After the Texas abortion law ruling, the Supreme Court’s approval rating has hit an all-time low. The House has moved to right a grievous wrong that was inflicted upon a majority of the country.

The Texas abortion law is already being copied by red states across the country.

As with voting rights, it will take federal legislation to halt the theft of the ultimate personal liberty which is a woman’s right to control her own body.

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