Lauren Conrad & Extra Stars assist hairstylist after the dying of her brother

Kristin Ess“After the tragic death of her younger brother, a prominent clientele has gathered around her.

On Friday, September 24th, the celebrated hairstylist confirmed Nick lost his battle against COVID-19, a heartbreaking conclusion to a story that also included the birth of his first child. Five days ago, Ess said the 32-year-old was put on a ventilator the same morning his son was born. Nick could only see him on FaceTime before he was intubated.

“My little brother is gone and my heart feels empty,” Ess wrote on Instagram, adding, “I hate this virus so much. I hate how it steals people with no pattern and no end of their lives. Covid does not take prisoners. “. This kind, handsome, hardworking, generous, compassionate man was stolen from me, his wife, his newborn, his family and friends. We still had so many memories of him. “

She continued, “Nick is a legend who lived a lifetime in his 32 years and I’ll never stop wondering what he could have done in the next 32.”

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