Man admits to dragging law enforcement officials to be hit from the flagpole

Rioters clash with police on January 6, 2021, trying to enter the Capitol through the front doors.

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A Colorado geophysicist admitted to authorities that he was “in a fit of rage” as he dragged a police officer to be viciously beaten by a man with an American flagpole and others during the January 6 riot in the US Capitol announced a prosecutor.

The suspect, Jeffrey Sabol, attempted suicide sometime after the riot and also bought a plane ticket from Boston to Zurich, Switzerland, the prosecutor said at Sabol’s trial hours after his arrest at a Westchester County, New York hospital, Friday morning.

“He has the financial means to evade these charges,” said US assistant attorney Benjamin Gianforti during a videoconference and phone hearing held in the US District Court in White Plains, New York.

The prosecutor said authorities had reason to believe that Sabol “attacked another police officer” with a baton that he brandished during the riot.

Sabol “admitted he was in a fit of anger during the attack on the police officer” and told authorities his memory of much of the rest of the day on January 6 was foggy, Gianforti told Judge Andrew Krause.

Krause ordered Sabol, 51, to be detained without bail on a criminal complaint filed against him in the US District Court in Washington, DC, calling him a danger to the community and a risk of escape.

“This behavior is more than pale,” said Krause when he ordered Sabol’s imprisonment for civil disorder.

“These are extremely serious acts with consequences,” the judge told Sabol, a divorced father of three who grew up in New York State and whose sister is a colonel in the US Army.

According to authorities, Sabol can be seen in a widespread video during the riot, wearing a brown jacket, helmet and backpack, as he dragged a policeman to the ground outside the Capitol, where another rioter hit the officer with the flagpole.

Gianforti noted what he called the “irony” of the officer who was attacked with the US flag during the uprising by a group of supporters of President Donald Trump who opposed Congress and confirmed President Joe Biden’s election victory.

The prosecutor said police in Clarkstown, New York found Sabol in his car on Jan. 11, but did not specify exactly why Sabol was not arrested that day.

Sabol’s federal defender, who asked to be released for a $ 200,000 bond, said Krause that Sabol spent a week in a psychiatric center that was being treated after the riot.

Sabol’s lawyer also said the defendant is now stable.

The attorney said Sabol’s work history was “second to none” and his final job was to remove unexploded ordnance from the state for a Colorado environmental company.

The president of the company Sabol works for declined to comment, saying he had just learned from a CNBC reporter that Sabol had been arrested in connection with the Capitol riot.

NYC plumbing workers also indicted

Also on Friday, a New York plumbing worker was charged with participating in the riot.

Garbage man Dominick Madden has been identified in videos posted online showing him wearing a sweatshirt supporting the right-wing conspiracy QAnon during the Capitol Hill riot. The New York Post first reported his ID on January 14th.

Madden was tried in federal court in Brooklyn by Judge Ramon Reyes Jr.

Madden, 43, was charged in the District of Columbia with knowingly stepping into or staying in a restricted building or site without legal authority, knowingly engaging in disorderly or disruptive behavior in a restricted building or site, and forcibly for reasons of capital intruding into the building or the site.

Madden took sick leave from his position with the city’s Sanitary Department during the January 6th attack, according to an affidavit by an FBI agent in support of the complaint. The department has since suspended Madden, the affidavit said.

Madden was released on a $ 150,000 bond with his sister and brother-in-law’s home in Middletown, New Jersey listed as collateral.

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