Jamie Raskin decimates Biden bribing GOP clown present

After Rep. James Comer and Sen. Chuck Grassley released an FBI document containing debunked Biden bribery allegations, Rep. Jamie Raskin tore Republicans apart.

Raskin said in a statement to PoliticusUSA:

As the antics and pranks continue to mount, it is now clear that Chairman Comer threatened to despise FBI Director Wray over a document that Senator Grassley already had in his possession and that Chairman Comer had already viewed. Now Chairman Comer and Senator Grassley are peddling these unverified claims without the critical context that the FBI provided in a briefing to Chairman Comer and myself because, as Senator Grassley admitted, they don’t care about the veracity of these claims, apparently only she does political benefit.

The FBI document The document released by Republicans contains the uncorroborated, second-hand allegations dating back years, which were circulated by a confidential human source, who said he could not provide “further comment on the veracity” of these allegations. Even Senator Johnson recognized that these allegations may have been unfounded.

From the version of the document released by Republicans, it is clear that the source of information is the owner of Burisma, Mykola Zlochevsky. As I noted in a letter to Chairman Comer last month, Mr. Zlochevsky was the focus of a pressure campaign by Rudy Giuliani in 2019 and 2020 on behalf of then-President Trump, at which Mr. Zlochevsky was interviewed and directly denied these allegations. He stated unequivocally that no one at Burisma had “any contacts” with then-former Vice President Biden or his representatives while Hunter Biden served on the Burisma board, and he denied that former Vice President Biden or his associates had any connection with Mr “ would have supported. Zlochevsky or Business

In addition, Lev Parnas, a key participant and co-conspirator in Giuliani’s efforts to dig up dirt on the Bidens in Ukraine and spread anti-Joe Biden disinformation, wrote to Congress offering to testify under oath: To his first-hand knowledge, there was “never any factual evidence” to support these allegations of bribery, only “conspiracy theories” that “were proven wrong many times over”. He urged Chair Comer to face the fact that there was no evidence to support these claims and call off the committee’s “wild hunt”.

The release of this document in isolation from its explanatory context is another apparently desperate attempt by Republicans on the committee to revive the outdated and debunked Giuliani conspiracy theories and distract from their continued failure to provide actual evidence of presidential misconduct — even if at the expense of … goes endangering the security of FBI sources.

Republicans are desperate

The clock is ticking. The 2024 presidential election is fast approaching and efforts to find a scandal that could cast a spell on President Biden have been unsuccessful. As ranking member Raskin pointed out, Republicans are desperate. Her hearings on Joe Biden and tireless propagation of Hunter Biden conspiracy theories got her nowhere. The non-conservative press sees through what Republicans are doing, and there are mounting signs that even the conservative media is growing bored with being fed a relentless dose of conspiracy theories without evidence.

A conspiracy junk-food diet — the truth is out there — is no longer working, so Grassley and Comey are desperate and have released a document that is second-hand hearsay already discredited by the Trump Justice Department was found.

Republicans continue to show they have nothing. Comer and Grassley hope that if they push the conspiracies loud enough and long enough, they will eventually prevail.

That hasn’t happened yet, and with election season only a few months away, Congressional Republicans are running out of time and facing the reality that their Biden scandals are a bust.

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