George Floyd’s sister Bridgett Floyd enters and talks about her brother’s loss of life and the chauvin course of (unique)

The tragic death of George Floyd hits many of us almost a year after the unfortunate event. Many people around the world have spoken out and supported when they demanded that justice be done in his case. We recently sat down for an exclusive interview with George’s sister Bridgett Floyd and she spoke to us about who her brother was, his tragic death, and the Derek Chauvin process that has been going on for two weeks.

While I was talking to us, Bridgett said I want the public to remember my brother as a very upright man, a godly man who loved his family, who loved his little girl whom the officials took away from her. The public needs to know that Floyd wasn’t the type they want him to be. “

We have updated the chauvin process daily as witnesses continue to take a stand and speak on the case.

As previously reported, a Hennepin District judge reinstated a third degree murder charge against former officer Derek Chauvin before the trial began.

Chauvin was originally charged with the murder of George Floyd for third degree murder. However, the charges were previously dismissed by Hennepin District Court judge Peter Cahill, who said it was not applicable to the case. However, the charges against Chauvin were resumed shortly before the jury was selected for his trial.

Keith Ellison, Attorney General of Minnesota, said in a statement: “The third degree murder charge reflects the gravity of the charges against Mr. Chauvin, along with manslaughter and felony murder. We look forward to bringing all three charges to the jury. “

Check out our in-depth interview with Bridgett Floyd and stay tuned for more information on the chauvin process.

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