Future seems to be dissing Russell Wilson in new collaboration with Quavo

Future has apparently dissed Russell Wilson in a rap bar and raps “f*** Russell” on his new “Crank Yo Clic up“Cooperation with Quavowhich fell on Friday (July 14).

The rapper appeared to have set his sights on Wilson, who is currently married to Future’s ex-fiancé. Ciara.

Future appears to be dissinging about the ex-fiancé’s husband, Russell Wilson, in new song “F*** Russell.”

Big buddy status, Bill Hopper. I go to his mall for my brothers. Goyard bag, cutter carrying case, “I got it out of the field, f*** Russell,” read part of Future’s lyrics.

It’s the latest dig Future has taken at the Denver Broncos quarterback since Wilson began dating Ciara in 2015. Russell and Ciara married a year later, in 2016.

They now have two children of their own.

That year he got to the bottom of his ex: “The Breakfast Club” for bringing Wilson together with their child, future jrright after they started dating.

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The Story: Past Occasions Where the Future Discredited Russell Wilson for Dating His Ex Ciara

“You don’t bring a man to your son,” he said at the time. “You’ve known this man for a few months and you’re bringing him up with your kid? Who does that?”

In 2019 he told apple music that Russell wasn’t a real man for allowing Ciara to continue interacting with him on social media.

“He doesn’t tell her, ‘Calm down with that on the internet.’ Don’t even talk to him. I’am your husband. You better not mention Future’s name in the first place!” he said.

Future added, “If that were me, she couldn’t even mention his name. She knows that. She couldn’t even name her exes.”

Wilson tries to keep the peace through a touching tribute to his children, the son of the future

Meanwhile, Wilson appears to be trying to keep the peace, despite Future’s constant taunts over the years.

Last Father’s Day, Wilson posted a touching tribute to Instagram for his two children with Ciara and Future Jr.

“The greatest gift that God can ever give me is to be a father to these three amazing children. The best job in the world! Future, Sienna & Win… I love you forever! I’m glad we can raise her together mom! @ciara.”

Ciara replied: “We love you so much baby! Seeing you in daddy mode is one of the most beautiful things about you! Really thankful for you!”

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