Democrats might apply new reconciliation guidelines to increase Medicare

One of the things Democrats can do with the Senate’s new reconciliation rules is to pass a massive expansion of Medicare.

Jake Sherman of Punchbowl News commented:

→ What could democrats do with another law of reconciliation? Maybe a lot. For example, could you try to pass @SenSanders’ proposal to lower the Medicare age limit to 55 or 60? Gives supporters of social safety net expansion a GREAT opportunity.

– Jake Sherman (@JakeSherman) April 6, 2021

Senate Budget Committee Chairman Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) originally wanted to incorporate the Medicare expansion into the Infrastructure Act, but as he said in response to the expanded reconciliation rules, the Democrats now have more tools and no longer need them all in to jam a big bill.

It would be politically beneficial for Democrats to pass such a large extension of Medicare eligibility as a stand-alone law.

Enlargement will be historic and should not be lost in the mess of a major reconciliation bill.

It would not be for all Medicare, as so many progressives would like, but it would be an important step in that direction. In practice, it would also allow a group of people who are still struggling to obtain and maintain affordable coverage to choose Medicare.

A Medicare expansion would be a huge win for everyone, and thanks to the new rules, it probably is.

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