Forbes estimates Kim Kardashian is now a billionaire!

Kim Kardashian

Forbes is counting all the coins, Roomies, and it looks like Kimmy Cakes just stepped into the billionaire’s club! According to the publication’s calculations, Kim Kardashian is now worth $ 1 billion thanks to her beauty and form wear lines.

Forbes reported that Kim K was worth only $ 780 million in October, but profits from her KKW Beauty and Skims lines helped catapult her into billionaire status. The magazine also reports that their reality TV appearances and advertising deals have also contributed to their success.

Kim founded KKW Beauty in 2017 and has reportedly grossed around $ 100 million annually since its inception – that is, she has sold 20% of her stake to beauty conglomerate Coty. The sale doubled their profits to $ 200 million a year.

“It’s the first time I’ve said goodbye to license agreements and become an owner,” Kim told Forbes in 2017.

Now let’s talk about one of their latest projects – skims. KKW’s Form-Wear line definitely caused some controversy when it was first launched, but it looks like it is now making more money than drama. According to Forbes, Kim has a controlling stake in the company, which is reportedly valued at around $ 500 million.

Kim isn’t the first member of her star-studded family to have Forbes crowned a billionaire. The publication reported that Kanye West was the newest billionaire on the block in April 2020 thanks to its clothing and footwear brand Yeezy.

Forbes also called Kylie Jenner last year for allegedly lying about her own billionaire status.

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