Chuck Schumer and Hakeem Jeffries stand nonetheless and maintain Republicans in verify

Majority Leader Schumer and Democratic Leader Jeffries made it clear that the Democrats are not backing down on their call for a clean debt cap bill

Chuck Schumer and Hakeem Jeffries told PoliticusUSA in a joint statement on the upcoming debt ceiling:

We do not have the luxury of waiting until June 1st to get together, pass a clean bill to avoid a default and prevent catastrophic consequences for our economy and millions of American families. Republicans cannot allow the far right to hold our nation hostage.

For generations, Congress has made spending and revenue decisions as part of the current annual budget process. This is the place to debate and discuss our nation’s financial picture — not in a hostage situation where extreme MAGA Republicans are attempting to impose their radical agenda on America. It’s time to put aside partisan interests and do what is right and necessary for the American people to avoid a first-ever US government default that will crash the stock market, raise costs for families and jeopardize retirement savings .”

It doesn’t matter if the debt limit is tomorrow. The Democrats have stubbornly held out. The deal that is likely to be reached is that the Republicans will agree to a clean debt ceiling hike and the Democrats will agree to budget negotiations.

There are some legitimate areas for discussion of the budget, but those discussions should not take place when the country’s economy is being held hostage.

Democrats keep saying they won’t negotiate any budget items until the debt ceiling is cleaned up.

House and Senate Democrats won’t mix the two because that only allows for more kidnappings.

Biden, Schumer and Jeffries can meet with McCarthy McConnell, but the message of the meeting should be no spending talks until the debt ceiling is raised.

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