Yung Bleu Arrested on License Suspended After Making Racial Profiling Allegations (Unique Video)

As previously reported, Yung Bleu recently accused a Gainesville, Georgia, shopkeeper and police officers of racial profiling. What began as a shopping run for a trailer at Absolute Trailers in Gainesville, Georgia, ended with Yung Bleu being cited for an April party and arrested on a suspended license. Shortly after the bond was released, Bleu spoke exclusively to The Shade Room and shared additional details, including a previously unreleased video, about the incident.

Yung Bleu announced that he never made it to Absolute Trailers store. He said he was out of town about 10 minutes before the police showed up. Yung Bleu learned that police officers had been called on suspicion of fraud following an alleged clash last week. After a brief exchange, he was allowed to leave the scene as the officers had no probable reason at the time.

Moments later, the rapper was stopped by another police officer who was spoken and heard about filing paperwork in the first video shared by Bleu. He describes that he was just “down the street” when he was stopped and “scared” of not knowing what the outcome of the interaction might be.

In the exclusive clip shared with The Shade Room, we see the first interaction between Bleu and the same officer. The exchange appears to be recorded by someone in the passenger seat. The officer walks to the car and identifies himself as Officer Forrester of the Gainesville Police Department.

“The reason I stopped you is because your daytime view is blocked. We can’t see the state it came from,” Officer Forrester said.

After tilting her head to confirm the camera and smiling, she asks Bleu for his driver’s license. He replies, “You just sit here and lie there,” to which the officer replies, “You literally can’t see your label.”

“I can’t stop you illegally, you know that,” Officer Forrester said before continuing to ask about Bleu’s license.

After a few more seconds of the exchange, Bleu replies with “Ma’am alright” to the license requests and puts down his cell phone. Before the video is cut off, Officer Forrester says, “By the way, I like your car.”

In the video released today, Bleu stands in front of his vehicle and leans against another car. He overhears him explaining that Officer Forrester turned on her lights “before she even saw it”. [his] Sign.”

While interacting with Officer Forrester, Bleu said that five additional police vehicles were pulled in as a backup. After this exchange, Bleu was arrested for having a suspended license. He didn’t want to reveal why his license was revoked.

He also received a quote for a birthday party he held in April. He revealed that officials had tried to deliver the quote to him for some time.

Bleu shared on his Instagram and Twitter and confirmed to The Shade Room that he is now free. He posted bail after being arrested, but declined to comment on the amount of the bail.

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