YouTubers Shane Dawson and Ryland Adams predict twins via surrogacy

Shane Dawson admits to paternity.

The YouTube star and his husband Ryland Adams They are expecting twins via surrogate, they announced on July 7.

In a vlog titled “WE’RE PREGNANT,” the couple documented their trip to Washington to meet with their surrogate for an ultrasound appointment. There, as can be seen in the 17-minute video, they received the news that their surrogate mother was pregnant with fraternal twins.

“It was such a surreal experience,” gushed Ryland, 32, as he held up a sonogram, adding that being able to hear the twins’ heartbeats “got me”.

And while Shane, 34, noted the pregnancy was just beginning, he said the doctor noted the twins “appeared healthy, their heartbeats were strong, measurements were good.”

“With our surrogate’s story,” the content creator continued, “everything is looking really good.”

Shane- born Shane Yaw— and Ryland also revealed what they plan to name their twins, including a title card in the video that read, “Jet Adam’s Yaw. Max Adam’s greed. Due 1/4/24.”

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