Younger lady explains ‘failed’ viral promenade gown announcement

On April 18th Jakhiya NelsonThe 17-year-old caused quite a stir on the internet after she revealed she wanted to eat up the entire United States with her prom look. The Shade Room Teens were able to meet Jakhiya and she tells us that it all started after she decided to post prom guesses on her TikTok page.

Many in her Mississippi hometown didn’t take the tariffs lightly, and it sparked a lot of backlash on Facebook.

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In response to the haters, she urged users to save the date for May 13th so she could show them how it’s really done! The first video has now received over 9.9 million views, 1.4 million likes, 10.8k comments, 177.2k saves and 16.7k shares.


YES ALLAT! SAVE THE DATE: MAY 13 #fyp #prom2023 #comingsoon

♬ EAT IT – naz

As the countdown to prom began

Over the months, the anticipation of the users continued to grow. Six days before Jakhiya’s prom, she reminded users to be on the lookout for what she’s planning to kill.

@ms.3xtra uhohhhhhh.. May 13th is approaching 🤩 I have more than 2.7 million people waiting 😜 #fyp #fypシ #prom2023 ♬ UH OHHH – Killa

uhohhhhhhh… May 13th is approaching. I have over 2.7 million people waiting

Jakhiya even shared a sneak peek at her rhinestone shoes and matching nail set. At that point, everyone made it clear that they were worried about this shutdown!

@ms.3xtra 😍😍🤩 in love with my nails! #fyp #fypシ #prom2023 ♬ Girls need love too x – ⠀

@ms.3xtra uhohhhhh 2 days left 😜 #fyp #fypシ #prom2023 ♬ Girls need love too x – ⠀

Everyone turned on their zoom and tuned in

Just like the viral TikTok sound says, “You gotta get on ya zoom,” and that’s exactly what users did for Jakhiya! The clock struck 12 and people from all over the world flooded in their comments.

You couldn’t scroll all day without seeing a video related to the “US prom girl” on your “For You” page. From POV videos to reaction clips, everyone was excited to see Jakhiya’s prom!

Even The Shade Room Teens teammates were inundated with the prom season recap!

Screenshot from TSR Teens comments section @cassyfrl Funna is following her page, Fashoo 😭 #prom2023 ♬ Original sound – Dani

@taevionrayshaud Can’t wait to see it *Door mark in bio*#fyp #viral #prom2023 ♬ UH OHHH – Killa

@goldieelocssss She better devour everyone cause I’ve been waiting TODAY IS THE DAY #prom2k23 #prom #fyp #live #nj #usa #viral ♬ WAKANDA JERSEY CLUB MIX by GTTC ON ALL PLATFORMS – GTTC

Later on Saturday, she showed up with her blue locks, leaving users in the comments ready to see her full transformation at prom.

@ms.3xtrauhohhhhhhh almost then♬ DPWI Latto Vers – Latto Vids

How the Prom Fit countdown ended

Sadly, Jakhiya followed the reveal of her hair with a teary-eyed video on her TikTok account.

“Brother man you don’t want to know that I’m stg. I’m so sad man”

@ms.3xtraeyes red and all brother I’m so sad.♬ Original sound – nbdy

While many begged her not to abandon the United States, her supporters encouraged her to wipe her tears and show up for the evening. Jakhiya wiped away her tears and performed live while rocking her surrogate prom look. She looked super pretty as she looked stunning in a white sparkly dress.

She says: “I liked the dress because it already matched my nails. I literally bought it at the mall an hour before prom.”

Tee on the original fit

Originally, Jakhiya intended to go to prom in a purple prom outfit. She revealed that she had contacted her designer back in February 2023 and the total design had cost $1,000! As her prom day approached, she revealed she had difficulties with the designer. Luckily, the designer was willing to give her a full refund after she didn’t get what she wanted.

When asked, “Do you really feel like you could have eaten up the US if your original idea had gotten any better?” Jakhiya stood by her claim!

Yes! If it had turned out perfect I would have eaten the US UP!

@ms.3xtrawell I was still having some fun, was still depressed but yk♬ OG THE PASTELS – Kneely_Knight

Sister doesn’t let hatred bother her

Even though Jakhiya was in the spotlight, she remained positive despite the ups and downs of prom day.

“We should always stay positive because nobody is perfect.” My mother stayed positive! She knows me, she knows my temperament… I’m like a bomb I tick. So she reassured me and told me not to worry about it because I still get my views and likes. Even though I’ve lost about 80,000 followers I’m still trending and made a whole trend on TikTok and so on! So I’m staying positive because I’m just a positive person and I really didn’t care about the hate. Everything definitely happens for a reason”

She tells us that aside from her outfit being a mess, she was late for her makeup appointment and late for prom. What’s more, in the run-up to her big day, she got into trouble trying to rent a Mercedes Benz. Meanwhile, she also received some negative reactions from people on social media.

@ms.3xtra I mean nothing can destroy the confidence or self esteem I have for myself. Everyone says I need to “humble” myself, but I don’t always believe that I have ALL THAT, FOREVER THAT AND ALWAYS THIS GIRL! 💋 #fyp ♬ original sound – 🫶🏾

A message to the haters and supporters: To me, the haters are my supporters because they comment, comment more, get me more views, and give me more exposure to my page. To all supporters, I love you! I won’t say I was sad, but the only reason I was sad was the mess. To the people who text me, “I’m sorry you still look amazing”, “I’m sorry this happened to you”… I love this so much and I really needed it in that moment!”

A win is a win

Jakhiya also tells us that she originally started with just over 20,000 followers but after going viral she has gained over 300,000. Not only did her prom videos rack up nearly 60 million total views, Lizzo even mentioned her on Twitter. New girls even use “I’m planning to eat America for prom” to go viral too.

While my twitter is unblocked, I say this…


I’m sad the girl didn’t engulf the whole United States with her prom dress 🙁

I’m glad the girl who “just wiggles” is having her moment

Stop comparing artists so you scare the hoes


— FOLLOW @YITTY (@lizzo) May 15, 2023

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