YFN Lucci just isn’t a witness in Younger Thug’s YSL case, lawyer says

YFN Lucci will not oppose it Young thug, per his attorney. In a statement to TMZ, Drew foundling said prosecutors had not called Lucci – government name Rayshawn Bennett – as a witness.

Thug recently scored a legal victory after a judge granted a motion to suppress evidence during a hearing two weeks ago. It was his first court appearance in months for his RICO Act case with Young Slime Life (YSL). His team was in court to secure the return of Thugger’s property.

Police seized a cellphone, computer and a “small amount” of marijuana from Thug’s home in 2015. His legal team argued that the search was “illegal.” They demanded that evidence seized should not be used at trial. Judge Ural Glanville agreed.

As for Lucci’s part, the Atlanta rappers have pimped themselves online over the years. Back in February, Lucci was stabbed to death in the Fulton County Jail, and he later reportedly learned there was a price on his head. After the incident, his legal team asked the judge to grant bail, but it was refused.

Lucci is in prison awaiting trial on a gangster case involving alleged gang activity and murder. He has been incarcerated since 2021.

In May, prosecutors alleged that two YSL employees worked to get Thug’s permission to make a second attempt on Lucci’s life. Lucci’s team filed an emergency hearing in response to the mention in Thug’s indictment. Nothing seems to have emerged from the two files of his lawyers.

Lucci’s Lawyer Says Rapper Won’t Be a Witness in YSL Case

However, his attorney Findling confirmed on Thursday that Lucci “was never interrogated or subpoenaed” from law enforcement, the Fulton County Attorney’s Office or any of the parties relating to the YSL case, per TMZ.

He added that Findling said “each party can announce” who they want as a witness, but that “Words alone are meaningless.”

“To be absolutely clear, Rayshawn Bennett (Lucci) will not be a witness in the YSL case,” Findling said.

Apparently, Lucci’s only focus right now is on “his pending case in Fulton County.”

According to Fox5 Atlanta, Young Thug’s trial is scheduled to begin Jan. 5 with jury selection.

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