Yella Beezy decides to shoot Melinda Gates after her divorce announcement.

Roommates, fans, and celebrities alike are responding to news that former Microsoft mogul and co-founder Bill Gates and his wife Melinda Gates are getting divorced after 27 years of marriage – and some of the bravest are already making their offer to start a new romance with the soon-to-be-divorced couple … including rapper Yella Beezy. Yella Beezy recently made it very clear that once the ink is dry on her divorce papers, he is ready to take in Melinda Gates so they can come together to create offspring.

It was recently revealed that before they publicly announced their divorce, Bill Gates was giving Melinda Gates $ 1.8 billion in shares on the same day the news hit the headlines – in fact, it was just hours before. As with most things, the internet had jokes and many were trying to get Bill and Melinda’s attention and align their views on a possible romance … with Yella Beezy being one of them.

When Yella Beezy stepped into the shadow room, she left a brief (but very direct) comment on the story where Bill Gates gave Melinda nearly $ 2 billion worth of shares. Beezy simply wrote, “She must have my baby,” complete with the eye-looking emoji. Could Yella Beezy and Melinda Gates be the new couple on the block? Well, it looks like he hopes so.

As we reported earlier, Bill Melinda was very well placed financially prior to her actual divorce proceedings … billions. Recent court documents show that Bill’s investment firm transferred millions of shares to Melinda’s account earlier this week in two companies valued at nearly $ 2 billion based on current stock prices.

Bill Gates’ investment firm Cascade Investment LLC sent Melinda over 14 million shares in the Canadian National Railway Company and over 2.9 million shares in AutoNation Incorporated. The Canadian National Railway is currently valued at $ 1.53 billion and AutoNation is valued at $ 310 million – the equivalent of $ 1.8 billion received by Melinda

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