Yaya Mayweather’s mom & NBA YoungBoys mom Bond on their grandma duties on the final membership look

NBA Youngboys mother and Yaya Mayweathers mother

Roommate, although NBA YoungBoy may be behind bars at the moment and his youngest child’s mother, Yaya Mayweather, pledges her undying love for him on social media – the couple’s mothers recently teamed up at the club. NBA YoungBoy’s mom, Sherhonda, and Yaya Mayweather’s mom, Melissia, bonded over their grandma duties together as the two of them lived their best lives at a local nightclub.

Yaya Mayweather and NBA YoungBoy may not be dating right now, despite having a brand new boy, but that doesn’t mean little Kentrell Jr. doesn’t have the mutual love and support of his two grandmothers.

During a club appearance with Yaya, her mother Melissia Brim and NBA YoungBoys mother Sherhonda Gaulden smiled when they were lit in the club just like Yaya. Many fans assumed the two ladies might have had a little beef given the complicated relationship between their two children – but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

As we’ve reported earlier, NBA YoungBoy received less-than-positive news about his current jail time earlier this month. A judge in Louisiana ruled that his $ 540,000 loan was revoked and that he must remain in jail until his next trial. The decision was made based on YoungBoy’s criminal history and the high likelihood of a flight risk.

The date for his next appearance in court has not yet been announced.

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