Working mates for all times: Kamala Harris & Doug Emhoff’s love story

“As a single professional woman in my forties and in public, dating has not been easy,” she wrote in her book. “I knew that if I took a man to an event, people would immediately start speculating about our relationship. I also knew that single women are viewed differently in politics than single men. We don’t have the same leeway, when it comes to.” I was not interested in inviting this type of exam unless I was almost certain that I had found ‘The One’ – which meant that I kept my personal life separate from my career for years. “

By one day in 2013, she decided to face this particular trial, and invited Doug, a trial colleague she had been with for six months, to an event where she was supposed to talk about dropping out of elementary school. Your best friend Chrisette Hudlin, a mutual connection, felt that the Brooklyn-born, New Jersey-born California transplant seemed like someone Kamala would like to have. So, similar to the love story of the Hollywood character Meghan Markle and revered royal Prince Harrythe entertainment attorney and the attorney general were established.

But while the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s first meeting place was on Dean Street by Soho House in London, Kamala and Doug hit it off by phone first – starting with an introductory text from him, followed by a voicemail the next day that he was sure of had finished things before they began.

“The voicemail I have saved to this day was long and a little confusing,” she described in her book. “He sounded like a nice guy though, and I was intrigued to learn more. Doug, however, was pretty sure he’d ruined his chances.”

Instead, it was the future vice presidential candidate who next initiated a call, and as the hour they were on the phone shows, the odds were very good.

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