Why Rachel Bilson Apologizes to OC Co-Star Tate Donovan

“I hope I wasn’t as bad as it turned out. I hope I wasn’t,” she continued. “You know you are influenced by your surroundings, I would say. Let’s put it that way.”

Rachel then took a moment to apologize to Tate and said, “I thought you were so wonderful, such a wonderful director and an amazing person right now.”

The Rocketman star assured the 39-year-old actress that she was a “total sweetheart”.

However, Tate told Rachel that he felt “bad” about previous comments he made during an appearance on Andy CohenSee what happens live in 2013.

“They all got off to a great start,” he said at the time. “Then they all just fell apart … When you first get famous, you’re so insecure that you just become a Ding Dong.”

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