Why Followers Assume Kim Kardashian Roasted Kendall Jenner on AHS

Hopefully Kendall Jenner doesn’t take this scene like a knife to the heart.

Kim Kardashian seemingly poked fun at her younger sister during the Oct. 6 episode of American Horror Story: Delicate. In one moment, Hollywood publicist Siobhan (Kim) visits her movie star friend Anna (Emma Roberts) at her hideaway house in an attempt to comfort Anna amid her fertility struggles and terrifying stalker situation. 

Siobhan heads to the kitchen to make Anna some “real food” to nourish her body and starts by effortlessly chopping up a cucumber on a cutting board—which fans took as a hilarious dig at Kendall’s questionable cucumber-cutting skills.

If you haven’t been keeping up: The model accidentally exposed herself in a May 2022 episode of The Kardashians when she told the family chef she was going to make herself a snack, noting that it was “pretty easy.” Yet, her awkward knife skills blew up online, with one social media user joking, “‘It’s pretty easy’ then chops it the weirdest way possible.”

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