Why Colin Jost Did not Need to Run Film Strains With Scarlett Johansson

Hate spoilers? You’re not alone.

In fact, Scarlett Johansson said her husband Colin Jost was so against finding out the details of Black Widow’s plot that it got in the way of them reading lines together. 

“I can’t tell him anything,” the actress said on a recent episode of The Jess Cagle Podcast with Julia Cunningham, “and he doesn’t even pry.” 

Even when Johansson and Jost were both in London where she was filming her Marvel movie and he was making the animated feature Tom and Jerry, he still didn’t spend their evenings together talking shop.

“If I was in the middle of a big action set piece or sequence or whatever, he was just not wanting hear anything about it,” she added. “Of course, he wanted to know, ‘How was your day?’ But as soon as it would bleed into, ‘Can you read this scene?’, he’s like, ‘Am I going to get any spoilers?’ He wanted to know ‘spoiler alert’ before we read lines together. Can you believe that?”

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