Well being officers publish new outcomes exhibiting COVID-19 has now killed as many individuals because the Spanish flu

Roommate, according to new findings from medical experts, COVID-19 has now killed as many Americans as the Spanish flu in 1918 and 1919, with the number now rising to an unbelievable 675,000.

The COVID-19 pandemic is unfortunately proving every day that it is not going to subside as quickly as we’d like – but based on new medical evidence from health experts, the death toll is worse than many initially thought.

An estimated 675,000 people have now died of COVID-19, roughly the number who died of the Spanish flu in 1918 and 1919. Although the U.S. population was only a third of today’s population, the Spanish flu, which claims more lives, shows that COVID-19 is as close to those numbers as it is deadly in a short period of time.

Even more shocking, the death toll from COVID-19 is particularly affecting given current medical advances that still have not resulted in many Americans willingly using the many vaccines available.

Regarding Americans’ disappointing response to vaccine to stop the spread of COVID-19, Dr. Howard Markel of the University of Michigan: “Big pockets of American society – and worse, its leaders – threw that away.”

There is also the sobering reality that COVID-19, like the Spanish flu, many never go away entirely. However, medical professionals hope that at some point it will become a regular seasonal illness as immunity is boosted through vaccinations and repeated infections.

It is also important to note that the Spanish flu death rate in the United States is a rough estimate due to incomplete records of time and poor scientific understanding of the disease. Even so, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention was able to pinpoint the number of 675,000.

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