Watch Rep. Katie Porter make the right case for Biden’s re-election

US Senate nominee Katie Porter (D-CA) made a substantive, clear and concise case for a second term for President Biden.


Porter said on NBC’s Late Night With Seth Meyers:

I mean, you see, President Biden has so much to confirm, not just, you know, that’s not a president who’s going to win because he has the thickest hair. To the right? Or the fanciest shoes. This is a President who will continue – actual achievements that make our lives better.

And so he’s going to – He’s going to run on $35 insulin. He will hope that I can afford a new dishwasher. That’s why I vote for him. These credits according to the Inflation Reduction Act. To the right? It will have real accomplishments – bringing manufacturing jobs back here and making sure people can afford health care.

So I think he’s going to have an easy time with Trump, but I think it’s going to be tough for all of us to have to listen to Trump and deal with him again.

As I wrote about the presidential re-election video in a recent issue of The Daily, which you can subscribe to here: “Unlike Trump or any of the other avowed and potential Republican candidates, Joe Biden offers America a clear and hopeful vision for the future. Unlike his potential GOP opponents, the President has a vision for the future.”

Biden has a lot of things to run on. It is significant that the media has shaped the negative of Biden running again at his age. Other than his Republican opponents, there have been no claims of incompetence or poor job performance, the only thing the press sticks to is President Biden’s age.

Rep. Porter is correct. Biden should have no trouble dealing with Trump. Buried under a mountain of criminal and legal troubles, the former president has also seen public erosion of his brand and political prowess.

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Behind the media’s hand-wringing is a powerful incumbent president who can make a compelling case for voters to seek a second term.

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