Virginia officer fired after military lieutenant was pounded and held at gunpoint throughout visitors cease (replace)

We now know that you all saw U.S. Army Lieutenant Caron Nazario held at gunpoint and sprayed with pepper spray by two Virginia police officers last December. Now one of the officers involved in the illegal traffic obstruction has been fired for what she did during the incident.

According to ABC News, officials announced on Sunday that Officer Joe Gutierrez had been fired. After an internal investigation, it was found that Gutierrez was not following the department’s guidelines, which led to his resignation. There was no update on Daniel Crocker, the other officer involved in the December 5th incident. However, the department said they need additional training.

The City of Windsor, Virginia, said in a statement: “The City of Windsor prides itself on its small town charm and the community-wide respect of its law enforcement agency. For this reason, we are sad that such events cast our community in a negative light. Instead of distracting criticism, we discussed these issues with our employees administratively. We reach out to community stakeholders to enter into dialogue and commit to further discussions in the future. “

As previously reported, Lieutenant Caron Nazario is suing both officers over the incident.

In the video, the officers were seen with their weapons drawn on Lieutenant Nazario, and one of the officers sprayed him several times with pepper spray. At one point one of the policemen asks him about his rank in the military when he’s wearing his uniform when they force him out of his vehicle.

One of the officers then said, “You made this trail harder than it had to be if you just kept to it,” when asked to get out of his car.

In the lawsuit, Nazario says the officials racially profiled him and threatened to kill him. He went on to explain that their actions could have negatively impacted his military career.

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