Vice President Kamala Harris Pledges Her Assist to Black Girls on Maternal Well being: “Black Girls Are Not Heard”

Kamala Harris

Policies and new policies have changed rapidly since President Biden and Vice President Harris took office, and one of the next things on the list of Vice Presidents is the maternal mortality crisis that black women face every day. In an open letter through Blavity, Kamala Harris pledges her support for black women in the United States who are not heard by medical professionals and lose their lives as a result.

Speaking to women who had traumatic experiences during their pregnancy, VP Harris found that many black women are not supported, heard or believed by medical professionals. Finding that black women are three times more likely to die from pregnancy-related deaths than other women, she argued that maternal review boards should get answers from health care providers on every step of a woman’s pregnancy.

“Every woman has the right to ask questions to her doctor at every step of pregnancy,” wrote Harris. “Keep a notebook and a list of questions. Doctors are there to take care of you. It is their job to answer your questions. If they are doing their job right, they will always take the time to carefully go through each question with you. “

VP Harris also spoke about implicit media bias and how it contributes to the large number of deaths among pregnant black women.

“I’ve heard countless stories from women who told their doctors that they were in pain only to be ignored,” she wrote. “Stories of women trying to talk about their postpartum depression only to be discharged and sent home. In the medical field, implicit bias is why black women can speak loudly and still not be heard. “

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