Vice President Kamala Harris delivers her first speech throughout “Celebrations

After a full day of inauguration activities, Vice President Kamala Harris made her first official address tonight during the Celebrating America virtual concert. Vice President Harris was dressed beautifully in black and ready to speak to viewers who were watching safely at home.

“Good evening. It is an honor to be here, to stand on the shoulders of those who came before, and to speak tonight as your Vice President. In many ways, this moment embodies our character as a nation. It shows who.” We are also in dark times, “said Vice President Harris.” We not only dream, we do it. We not only see what was, we see what can be. We shoot the moon and then plant our flag on it. We are brave, fearless and ambitious. We are fearless in our belief that we will overcome, that we will rise. “

Vice President Harris continued, “This is the American endeavor. In the midst of the Civil War, Abraham Lincoln saw a brighter future and built it with Land Grant Colleges and the Transcontinental Railroad. In the middle of the civil rights movement, Dr. King for Racial Justice and Economic Justice. The American pursuit has driven the women of this nation throughout history to demand equality, and the Bill of Rights authors called for freedoms that had rarely been written before. A great experiment takes great determination. The will to get the job done and then the wisdom to keep refining, keep tinkering, keep perfecting. “

She went on to say, “The same determination is being realized in America today. I see it in the scientists who are changing the future. I see it in the parents caring for generations to come, the innovators and educators, all people everywhere building better lives for themselves, their families and their communities. “

At the end of her speech, Vice President Harris offered the Americans hope. She said, “This, too, is American aspiration. This is what President Joe Biden asked us to call now. The courage to look beyond the crisis, to do the difficult, to do the good, to unite, to believe in ourselves, to believe in our country, to believe in what we can do together. Thank you and may God bless America. “

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