Twitter Slueths imagine they discovered Lauren Boebert’s Burner account

Last night through this morning accounts were working to lock out a user. Little time @ freedom53597835 has under 1000 followers and exploded. All because they had a video that they “shouldn’t” have.

The video showed an interaction Boebert had with a media reporter near her who was working on a story. The videographer recorded a site until he noticed it. At that moment, both videos seem to confirm that they recorded each other.

She recorded it on her phone but doesn’t seem to have any public posts from it Phone recording. That’s up to this “freedom” account stopped.

This account went ahead and tweeted the video all by itself. This leads media guards to assume that the fake Twitter established last year is a burner.

After that, users asked why the unknown user has only tweeted Boebert’s content since it was created. Follow in the footsteps of other conservative social media hanger, the only assumption was that she was running the account.

Imagine if #KarenBoebert cared just as much for insurgents filming their beatings on the Capitol Police as they did for a random guy filming a construction site.

Your tax dollars “at work” folks.

– BrooklynDad_Defiant! (@mmpadellan) July 10, 2021

The Twitter follows, interacts and reflects the professional Boebert account. (Not that this makes this account a fake, which the user denies.) The user of the account also defends Boebert’s positions and retweeted its content.

I cannot stress enough that this account may not be Boebert’s. It could be that the GOP member only has one fan in their district. However, it’s just as likely that it doesn’t.

These with weapons The congresswoman, named Karen Boebert by Twitter followers, is now under fire. This account is public and claims it is not Boebert. It just happens to be Boebert next door.

And who knows if this is a burner account. If so, it might be one of the few who casually like their posts and spreading their influence. Either way, it’s a story worth following the bank!

Don’t be shy post the whole video…

– Freedom Fighters (@ freedom53597835) July 9, 2021

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