Tucker Carlson would not imagine that white supremacists must be labeled home terrorists

Just a few weeks ago, a crowd of Donald Trump supporters stormed the United States Capitol. Some of those involved in the uprising belonged to militias or white supremacist groups.

The actions of these rioters were completely untenable. However, that doesn’t mean people won’t try. On his Tuesday night show, Tucker Carlson argued that white supremacists should not be labeled as domestic terrorists.

Carlson began: “W.We were allowed believe any religion we wanted even to believe those who Tomorrow Joe won’t understand or approve by. We imagine that was the whole thing Point of America, no more. Justice and inclusion mean you will believe what they tell you, period. Or you are a terrorist and they can hurt you because we hurt terrorists. Listen to America’s new Grand Inquisitor Adam Schiff from California. “

The Fox host later continued:

“Got it? Choose wrong and you are a jihadi. You thought you were an American citizen with rights and a different point of view. No, you are a jihadi. And we will treat you as we treated these radicals after 9/11 how we treated bin Laden. Queue up, mate, this is a war on terror. Remember when you listen to the people who talk like that, and Adam Schiff is nowhere near the only one. Remember that that they are talking about American citizens. They are talking about you. “

Check out a clip of the following segment courtesy of the Fox News Network:

Tucker Carlson doesn’t believe that white supremacists should be labeled domestic terrorists. pic.twitter.com/DgtfJfXex6

– PoliticusUSA (@politicususa) January 27, 2021

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