Tucker Carlson ignites conspiracy concept that George Floyd died of a drug overdose

There was a reason George Floyd’s death became a transformative moment in American history. The video of the murder left no ambiguity as to how he died.

The trial of the police officers involved in the incident is just around the corner. And now the light is on the incident again. Unsurprisingly, Fox News tries to smear Floyd and hold him responsible for his death. Tucker Carlson took this course Wednesday night when he blamed the man for his own death.

The Fox host began, “According to the Hennepin County Medical Examiner’s Office, not only was George Floyd high, he had a deadly amount of fentanyl in his system. He also had methamphetamines. “

Carlson continued: “ Well, Mr. Floyd had breathing problems of course, the most famous part of the tape. What does that explain? Why did George Floyd tell the officers, “I can’t breathe?”

The conservative expert concluded: “Here is one possible explanation. One of the main symptoms of a fentanyl overdose is the quote “Slowing or stopping breathing, leading to unconsciousness and death”. This could also explain why George Floyd said “I can’t breathe” long before a cop’s knee was near him. In fact, George Floyd complained that he couldn’t breathe when the police tried to get him into a police car when he resisted. “

Check out a clip of the following segment courtesy of the Fox News Network:

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