Trump’s allies plead with him to not defend Matt Gaetz

Donald Trump has shown a willingness to defend almost anyone who is ready to defend him. When it came to the Capitol insurgents, he went so far as to say that instead of attacking the cops, they hugged and kissed them.

Matt Gaetz presents a new challenge, however. Few are more sycophantic to Trump. And while the former president may have trouble remembering the Florida Congressman’s name, it is still likely that he will stand up for him.

However, Gaetz was charged with sexual misconduct with a teenager. According to Maggie Haberman, Trump’s allies don’t want him to touch this situation.

CNN host Jim Sciutto asked the New York Times writer: “Congressman Gaetz is a staunch and vocal ally of President Trump. Do you have a sense of how this news is being received by the President or by people in his orbit? “

“T.The only other person I can think of that I conducted an investigation in this way is Donald Trump, who is being investigated by the Mueller team, ”replied the journalist. “But he was president. And it’s a little different from the protection you have as president than anyone else. “

Haberman continued:

“In terms of how Trump and his people are dealing with it, they are still processing the information. There are some people around President Trump and President Trump himself who are very fond of Matt Gaetz and people who are wary of him in the orbit of the former president. The former president’s first impulse will be to want to defend him and to point out that this is political, even though it was Bill Barr under whom this investigation began. There are others around the former president warning him to wait and see what, if anything, comes out. “

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