Trump White Home linked to home terrorists previous to the Capitol assault

The Trump White House was not very covert about its contacts with the insurgents who attacked the Capitol.
Media Matters has discovered a new video:

In a newly discovered video from a “Stop the Steal” rally in Arizona on December 19, organizer Ali Alexander bragged about being “on the phone” with “White House people” and appeared to be physical violence against members of Congress and other politicians to promote Whoever he claimed was helping “steal” the election. This rally took place just weeks before the Capitol rising.

At the same rally, Alexander appeared to have been advocating physical attacks against members of Congress who he said helped “steal” the elections, calling this a “moral obligation”.

Trump’s White House knew about the insurgents. The fact that they had contact with them before January 6th is an indication that Donald Trump knew what he was doing when he asked the crowd to march on the Capitol. The attack was Trump’s last attempt to use force to stay in power.

Alexander’s statements were intended to serve as evidence against Trump in his second impeachment trial. It seems that Trump’s White House didn’t just instigate the uprising. They seem to have encouraged and fanned the flames until a crowd already prepared for violence stormed the Capitol.

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