Trump spends Father’s Day obsessing over the federal indictment

Donald Trump is spending Father’s Day seemingly obsessed with potentially going to federal prison, posting only “election interference” in all caps.

Trump’s Father’s Day post consists of reposts of his federal indictment and two words: “election interference.”

Meanwhile, the current President of the United States posts on his Twitter account:

Happy Father’s Day to all the fathers, grandfathers and father figures who give so much of themselves to help their children live lives worthy of their dreams.

Today we celebrate everything they teach: character, lessons of experience, and sacrifice of love.

— President Biden (@POTUS) June 18, 2023

Every day I feel blessed to be a father and papa.

From the Biden family to yours: Happy Father’s Day, America.

— President Biden (@POTUS) June 18, 2023

Currently, there are probably more public images of Trump with criminal charges than of the former president with his own family.

Father’s Day and all other holidays serve as a reminder that the potential choice presented to voters in 2024 is not that complicated. The country can either have a decent family man as president or Donald Trump.

Trump shows at every moment that he is only interested in himself.

On Father’s Day, Biden’s account posts about family, kids, and character. Donald Trump posts about the federal charges he’s facing.

Presidents set the moral tone for the country, and Trump has already demonstrated the tone he set for the nation as president.

Joe Biden thinks of others. Donald Trump can only think of himself. The fact that the first thought that came to Donald Trump’s mind on Father’s Day was election interference should tell voters everything they need to know about voting in 2024.

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