Trump simply accused Particular Counsel Jack Smith of being a crackhead

Trump responded to cocaine finds where guests walked in for tours of the White House by claiming that Special Counsel Jack Smith looked like a crackpot to him.

Trump posted on Truth Social:

Does anyone really think the COCAINE found in the West Wing of the White House, very close to the Oval Office, is intended for anyone other than Hunter and Joe Biden? But beware, the fake news media will soon start saying that the amount found was “very small” and that it wasn’t really cocaine but ordinary aspirin, and the story will disappear. Has mad Jack Smith, mad Trump-hating special counsel, been seen in the COCAINE area? He looks like a weirdo to me!

What happened to the 1,850 BOXES of documents Biden won’t show anyone? What about the documents found in Chinatown, DC, and those in his unsecured garage where Hunter resided while China was sending Biden millions and millions of dollars for doing absolutely “nothing”? Maybe the nothing was “for doing a lot!”

Where are the White House SECURITY TAPES like the ones I openly and happily gave to the deranged Jack Smith that will quickly reveal where the cocaine in the White House came from??? You already know the answer, but she probably doesn’t like it!

A certain former president’s enthusiasm for Diet Coke must have waned somewhat, because in the midst of his rant he made a detour to China, Hunter Biden and crates before returning to White House security tapes, cocaine and Jack Smith.

The above three posts were written consecutively by Donald Trump in the same hour.

I’m no psychologist so we’ll leave that to the experts, but it takes something really wild to jump out of it cocaine The place where visitors step in to take guided tours of Jack Smith is a weirdo.

Read the Truth Social posts above and remember that this is the person the Republican Party will bestow their presidential nomination on.

Jack Smith may be in overdrive, said the man likely to be in charge of the 2024 Republican Party program under which all GOP candidates will run.

It’s definitely not okay within the Republican Party.

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