Trump rants in Georgia and affords no indictment

Trump’s first statements since his federal indictment were a mixture of stale sayings and tactics that revealed his inability to defend his actions.

Trump’s attacks were so trite:

Trump is offering the same weary attacks, lies, and excuses he’s used for the past seven years in response to his federal indictment.

— Sarah Reese Jones (@PoliticusSarah) June 10, 2023

Trump said, “The Biden administration’s ridiculous and baseless charges against me have weaponized the Justice Department.” Democrats said so. This cruel persecution is a farce of justice.”

Trump attacked the prosecutor:

Trump: Mad Jack Smith. I saw him go upstairs and talk yesterday. He was shaking. He was so scared. He didn’t want to be there because at the end of the day they are cowards

— Acyn (@Acyn) June 10, 2023

The former president yelled that the FBI knocked over his stolen boxes:

Trump on his indictment: “Actually, I thought so, I was impressed. It looked so neat and beautiful. Somehow someone turned over one of the boxes. Did you see that? I said I wonder who did this — the FBI.” DO THIS?”

— Aaron Rupar (@atrupar) June 10, 2023

There was the usual talk about Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden and why they should be prosecuted.

It was all there.

All the classic Trump goalpost moves, distractions, self-pity, and blaming others.

If you’ve heard Trump talk about his past scandals, you’ve heard it all before.

What was missing was an explanation that could be held up in court as to why he had taken the documents.

Because I wanted to, and I believe the documents are mine and not a legal defense. Donald Trump has nothing. It shows how pathetic his main opponent is that he can be under federal indictment, lash out in his speeches, and none of the other Republican presidential candidates are close to him.

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