Trump is up in the midst of the evening preoccupied with Jack Smith

Trump released a post about Special Counsel Jack Smith on Friday/early Saturday in the middle of the night.

Trump wrote on Truth Social:

A poll has just come out that puts me well ahead of Biden in the general election. That means the Radical Left Democrats will step up their fake investigation into me because they now realize they can’t win at the ballot box.

TRUMP-Hate Special Attorney Jack Smith, whose family and friends are also big time haters, will be working overtime on this treacherous task. They are scoundrels and scammers. This is all about election interference. I hope the Republicans in Congress are watching!!!

The poll Trump was referring to didn’t show him a wide margin over Biden. Trump appears to be referring to the ABC News/Washington Post poll, which has been questioned as an erroneous outlier. In no other poll is Trump ahead of Biden in the general election, but the reality is not the point of Trump’s post.

Donald Trump does what he always does. He’s trying to unsettle Earth and block any evidence against him that could lead to a federal indictment in the classified documents case.

Trump obsesses over Jack Smith in the middle of the night because he knows Smith is the biggest legal threat to him. Trump also knows that a federal indictment will make him virtually unelected in November 2024.

The former president needn’t worry about his supporters defecting to DeSantis, but he’ll stand virtually no chance of beating Biden if all of his campaign coverage is related to the criminal charges against him.

Donald Trump is afraid of Special Counsel Jack Smith and his fear is showing in his social media posts.

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