Trump is getting brutal suggestions from Republican voters in Iowa

Some voters at Sen. Joni Ernst’s Ride and Roast showed why Donald Trump could have an Iowa issue in 2024.


This is interesting feedback from a few Republican voters in Iowa, who say they like a lot of what Trump has done during his tenure, but imply they don’t like Trump.

— Sarah Reese Jones (@PoliticusSarah) June 3, 2023

One voter told MSNBC: “We’re not big Trump fans. There are many good ideas, but also a lot of noise. I like Mr Scott. We share the same belief. He has a really difficult road ahead of him. Be Black and Republican.”

Another Republican voter in Iowa: “I’ve spoken to Mike Pence a few times. i like mike He’s a good moderate conservative. Religious family man. I’m not a 100 percent Trumper this time. He’s done some great things. I like what he did when he was in office. I just didn’t like all the jokes in the background.”

The Republicans that MSNBC spoke to shared some facts about the Republican Party. Tim Scott will face difficulties as a candidate because he is black. Second, the Republican Party has shifted so far to the right that Mike Pence could be considered moderate.

Trump didn’t show up for Ernst’s Ride and Roast, so it makes sense that the audience is more likely to be Iowans looking for someone other than Trump.

However, the reason these voters seemed put off is because of Trump’s personality. It’s not the legal problems, the criminal charges, or the corruption.

Some Republicans are fed up with Trump’s personality and drama.

The more he campaigns, the more votes Trump could cost himself.

The MAGA contingent within the Republican primary is so large that it’s unlikely anyone else will be able to beat Trump in a primary, but Donald Trump definitely has an Iowa problem heading into 2024.

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