TikToker Alix Earle shares replace after being stranded in Italy

Alix Earle was not the lived La Dolce Vita during her last vacation in Italy.

The TikToker said she and 10 of her friends were left without a place to stay in Positano, Italy, after falling victim to an alleged scam.

“We’re stranded in Italy,” the influencer said in a May 22 TikTok. “The house we were supposed to stay in doesn’t exist. Our car service is down. It’s midnight. We literally don’t know where to go. The girls trip took a turn.”

In an update a few hours later, Alix shared that the group had found a place to sleep, although not in the home they were expecting. Captioning the clip, the 22-year-old said: “We found accommodation for the night after our ‘quaint villa in Italy’ ceased to exist.”

However, the accommodation is only a temporary solution as she added in the comments that they would be “stranded again” by morning.

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