This teenage soccer participant could not wait to have a good time a landing along with his mother

Ain’t no love like your mommy’s love And that’s exactly what Jurrion Dickey showed after scoring a touchdown during a soccer game! The excited 16-year-old snaked through the other players to hug his mom in the nearby stands! * Why warm heart *

The mother and son couple hug each other tightly for a few seconds before Jurrion returns to the field. He spoke to The Shade Room and said all he could think of after landing was his “partner in crime”.

“I was so excited after the catch that I thought of nothing but mothers,” Jurrion told The Shade Room exclusively. “As you can see, I dodged them all.”

Jurrion, who plays the wide receiver position on his team, hopes to bring his talents to the National Football League one day. His goal is to be inducted into the Hall of Fame and to “sustainably support his family forever”.

Check out the video below:

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