The web is buzzing for an alleged nude video of Trey Songz Surfaces!

Y’all, Trey Songz had a very busy year 2021. We’re not yet a full 60 days into the new year and Trey Songz just seems to be stuck in the headlines lately. Trey found himself in hot water at an NFL soccer game recently after getting into a physical argument with a local police officer. In the video, Trey is shown fighting with the officer until other authorities finally intervene.

Trey was eventually arrested for entering a police officer, resisting arrest, and assaulting him. He was also held for 24 hours. If you haven’t seen the footage yet, check it out here. As soon as he was released, he went straight to his Instagram to share a photo of himself on a PJ!

Anyway, let’s fast forward a few weeks later. Trey Songz spotted a trend again this time for an entirely different reason. It seems to be late at night, a video allegedly showing Trey Songz in a compromising position with a young lady has gone viral and the Innanet is seething!

See some reactions below:

Of course, a lot of people wondered if it was Trey Songz at all, but the tattoo on the ‘Mystery Man’ arm just happens to be exactly where Trey also has a very similar tattoo. Maybe it’s just a coincidence … * cough cough *

Trey hasn’t said anything about the alleged video yet, but he managed to post this photo on his own Instagram page:

Safe to say we all did this morning, phew!

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