The sport weighs on girls who pay half the hire: “Actual males have all the time taken care of shelter, care and safety.”

The game reflects the time he received a call from Michael Jackson trying to convince him to end his beef with 50 cents.

The game hasn’t been shy about how he deals with the women in his life and he recently weighed on the debate about women paying half the rent while living with their significant other! Now you know this has been an ongoing conversation for years, but the game doubles on the idea that the man should be the only provider financially.

In a series of tweets, The Game stated that “real men” should be the provider of the household, saying that he feels good knowing that his wife doesn’t have to worry about any of the bills.

“Why does she have to pay half the rent? She gives you 1/2 the p *** y or sum ??? N * ggas kill me, “he said. “REAL MEN have always looked after accommodation, supplies and protection. & if you don’t have it … get it !!! “

He even talked about the independent ladies who have their own bread, saying that the man should still hold it down and allow the woman to stack her coins!

“If you are lucky enough to land an independent woman who upsets you and still comes home to cook, clean, take care of kids, and get sexually insane … let her stack what she does, in case you need one day & still treat everything as a man !!! ”

As far as we know, The Game is currently a single man, but many men have spoken on the subject, including G Herbo, who is currently in a relationship with Taina Williams. Check out what Herb has to say below:

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